Jennifer Tyler – Editor

Jennifer has over 20 years of experience in the news industry. As an editor of World Gazette, she spearheads all the content teams and propels them forwards through her sheer motivation and hard work. She keeps herself updated with latest in all fields. Jennifer is a health freak and never misses out on her daily well being activities.

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Martha Blue – Contributing Sub-editor

Martha is Contributing Sub-editor at World Gazette and handles a team of 12 freelancers for our science, technology and health coverage. She has a deep understanding of the Science domain owing to her education. Martha is bonded with a habit of explaining every example with reference to science. She helps the editor in developing the editorial calendar for science, technology and health topics at World Gazette. She also covers some important interviews and surveys arranged with top-level scientists and organizations.

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Brian Symonds – Contributor

With a Master’s Degree in Business Management, Brian decided to jump the journalism bandwagon a couple of years back. Brian is responsible for business and industrial journalism to report on business and industry news from around the world. Brian keeps close watch on new startups and the technology and field in which they are working. Exploring the latest gadgets that are incorporated with the advanced technology is the hobby that makes Brian forget the time he is spending on.

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