World Gazette is home to global news, analysis, commentary and editorial coverage. We deliver current news and events in telescopic as well as microscopic views giving our readers a wholesome coverage from around the world with thorough information. World Gazette has been started by a group of journalists, social activists and information seekers and not by business people with profits in mind. World Gazette adheres to journalism ethics and strive to report every major event and news from across the globe.

World Gazette has another key goal in mind – to stop the spread of fake news. The combination of social media and online media is a lethal one and act as fuel for the spread of fake news. We at World Gazette ensure that through our alliance with major media networks, fact-checking services and university professors, our news coverage doesn’t end up being fake and of no news value.

With a reader base of half a million, the World Gazette’s origin is a rather humble one. It started as a small column in a leading newspaper in New York slowly metamorphosing into a news website of its own. The road to the full-fledged news site has been an amazing one spanning a short period of just 3 years.

We take pride in the extensive reach through organic searches and for being cited by many well-known media houses for breaking major local and national level news stories.

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